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Mulberry (Comic)
Rating: CD-A
I am Mulberry Sharona, 16-year-old heiress and resident of Seven Springs, California. My only friends are Jack and Tiff; they live with me. (I don't really know where they came from, but I don't care.) In case you have reservations about diving into this one: Not everyone in a regal situation is an airheaded whiny stuck-up bimbo. No, some of us are intelligent. Some of us pose an actual THREAT to you. Get me?

Keiki (Comic)
Rating: CD-A
It's still Mulberry. Is anybody else here? .....I guess I'll describe these other two. "Keiki" is the Hawaiian word for "children," giving you some idea as to the location and theme. But Keiki is also the name of a smart bookish 11-year-old. Beefer is her same age and her exact opposite: loud, crude and always ready to drive Keiki nuts. Ivan is evil, Beefer's crush Tawny is even MORE evil, and Andrea is just insane. These keiki and more await you.

Scrambled Eggs (Comic)
Rating: CD-A
In a post-apocalyptic future where technology and dark magic collide, evil warlord robots battle for control of the planet. Only Humpty, a walking glob of scrambled eggs, has the guts and the ninja skills to...actually, it's none of that; I forgot what this one's about.
Okay, I just checked. Apparently it's about a bunch of kids. Wait, isn't Keiki the same thing? Where's the variety here? Ahh, who cares, I'm through typing this.

Read it now!



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