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Cartoons, Dammit! is an independent animation and comics site dedicated to giving exposure to up the and coming talent that deserves it. If you're innovative and/or good and you can deliver consistently, we want you. Cartoons, Dammit! was created by the owners of Toon Zone.

Toon Zone is an eight year old animation news and information organization with a sizable community. Our news and forums are read by fans, pros and executives throughout the animation and comics industries. TZ averages 132K in Unique Visitors a month, not including hosted sites. Our more popular hosted sites receive between 50-65K Unique Visitors a month.

The Cartoons, Dammit! Submissions Guidelines are not intended to be a legally binding agreement. Legally binding Non-Disclosure and Hosting documents will be provide at the time of an official agreement to pursue a creative relationship between you and Cartoons, Dammit!.


Unless otherwise noted, all projects are creator-owned.


Please e-mail three (3) sentence description of your project and a link to your website, if available. Cartoons Dammit operates on a three tiered ratings system as listed in the "Other Information Section" below. Please indicate which tier applies to your project. If we have an immediate interest in your work, we'll contact you to request further details. Regardless, you will receive a response within 5-10 working days.

Approved regularly updated Animated Series, Monthly and Daily Comics will be provided with free website hosting, a sub-domain and an e-mail address, with the agreement that they will carry two non-instrusive advertisements on every page, as well as links back to Cartoons, Dammit!'s main page.

Approved Animated Shorts and One-Shot Comics will be uploaded to the Cartoons, Dammit! website by Cartoons, Dammit! staff. Your project will be featured in the Shorts/One-Shots section of the site, with contact information. If you've submitted and had multiple projects approved, Cartoons, Dammit! staff may contact you to discuss free hosting, with the agreement that two non-instrusive advertisements on every page, as well as links back to Cartoons, Dammit!'s main site be carried on every page.


Are you a Writer, Artist (Penciller/Inker, Animator), Colorist without a creative counterpart or looking to further develop your idea? Please e-mail three (3) sentence description of your project. Please indicate which ratings tier applies to your project. If we're interested in your project, we may agree to provide you with site space to develop it, with the aforementioned hosting conditions and the agreement that you will not take your project elsewhere prior to or six months after launch.


The Cartoons, Dammit! Ratings System:
CD-A: Suitable for all Ages
CD-14: Teens and up. May contain some mild language, violence, and adult situations.
CD-18: Suggested for Mature Adults. May contain coarse language, violence and gore, and sexual situations/nudity.

Thanks for your interest in submitting material to Cartoons, Dammit!. We look forward to hearing from you!




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