Platypus Comix
● In the newest (relatively speaking) Misfit Christmas Special, someone stole Santa Claus! Can a bestselling author and her talking mouse get to the bottom of this?

Platypus Comix
● WHO are the stars of the FIFTIETH MISFIT CHRISTMAS SPECIAL? A new batch of misfits gets rolling with a surprise you'll never expect!

Platypus Comix
● BANG #9 is available for your downloading pleasure today! Full of cartoony goodness and an interview with an Adventure Time artist!
● The new Electric Wonderland cartoon concludes today! Can the wacky wonderful Internet personality Jon-Trawn uncover the real conspiracy?

Platypus Comix
● Why are so many TV romances so terrible? Why do writers pair up the wrong couples time and time again? This week we analyze why Love Is Hard -- and come up with a solution to make it softer!

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