Platypus Comix
● It's a war on the media and Trawn and company are caught in the middle in Part 2 of a brand-new Electric Wonderland incident! Aren't you glad real life isn't this insane?

Platypus Comix
● If you're going to air out your dirty laundry, it's best not to leave it where the World Trolling Federation can find it! A lesson learned too late for part 1 of a brand-new Electric Wonderland tale, "WTF"!

Platypus Comix
● Eight months later, Sam Adams has finally resumed her vengeance against true love! And only four months away from next Valentine's Day!

Platypus Comix
● It's all come to this! Winnie cannot restore the Harpers' memories, but more may be at stake than that! Don't miss the explosive climax of Love That Winnie!

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CD-18: Suggested for Mature Adults. May contain coarse language, violence and gore, and sexual situations/nudity.



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