Platypus Comix
● Winnie is still a victim of Abnormal Science, but she's not locked in with her captors....they're locked in with her!
● If you're looking for a site with a blast of Super Bowl memories, you got the right one, baby! This week our SUPER BOWL PAST-BLAST takes us to 1992! Uh-huh!

Platypus Comix
● Some Abnormal Science is afoot as Platypus Comix explodes into 2015 with a new Free Spirit story!
● Laserdiscs, boxes and coffee tables -- here's a new list of THINGS YOU CAN'T EVER HAVE!

Platypus Comix
● Forget Five Nights At Freddys....can you survive even ONE night with this Misfit Christmas Special, so Misfit it never even AIRED? Plus a bonus Misfit in Claymation!

Platypus Comix
● In the newest (relatively speaking) Misfit Christmas Special, someone stole Santa Claus! Can a bestselling author and her talking mouse get to the bottom of this?

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