Platypus Comix
● She's perky, she's clueless, and she's In A League of Rob's Own! A new Free Spirit story starts today!

Platypus Comix
● A twist in time means "Cinderella" gets weird! Check out a REAL remake, in every sense of the word!

Platypus Comix
Mulberry's special item continues to change hands and wreck tranquilities! Maybe YOU'LL get it next....better watch out!

Platypus Comix
● Mulberry's new purchase initiates a chain reaction of chaos! Could it happen in real life? Probably. Check out part one of "A Terrible Fate!"

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CD-14: Teens and up. May contain some mild language, violence, and adult situations.
CD-18: Suggested for Mature Adults. May contain coarse language, violence and gore, and sexual situations/nudity.



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