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Matthew J. Williams

Name's Dubs. Do I do things around here? Depends on who you ask. They say I head up talent recruitment for Toon Zone's Cartoons Dammit and work on a webcomic of my own called Feral Dawn. But those are just rumors. I don't know.


Jimmy Boy

Drawing Board Manager, Freelance illustrator and generally, a rather annoying person. As mentioned above, currently freelancing as an illustrator from kid's colouring books to newspaper editorials. "Pandemonium" is his pet comic project and when he's feeling a little less self conscious about the concept, he might let you in on the secret. While he attempts to hide his project from a world who actually really couldn't care less, he's working with fellow illustrator-come-writer, Paul L Mathews on "Stripped Bare". In his infrequently small measures of spare time, James writes music as well as enjoying the occasional spree in penship. He swears by the works of PG Wodehouse, Douglas Adams and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, but rarely mentions the thrill he gets from a good Doctor Who book. . Any more glib details that spring to mind - you'll be the first to know - on a need to know basis of course.



I began my career on the internet back in the distant year 1999, and began my career at Toon Zone back in 2002. A year after joining I created the website Adult Swim Unleashed independent of Toon Zone meant to provide Adult Swim media information. Later I created the Adult Swim Headquarters to give up to date news and information. Currently Zach is a student and continues to run his website at


Roman Numeral One

Romey, a quiet contemplative type, managed to find his way here shortly before Toon Zone took shape. He lost what precious little was left of his mind immediately afterward -- the damage is still being analyzed...


WB, Dub, Jon

Cartoonist, College Student, Artist, Local Village Idiot, And Anything Dealing With Chicken... ^___^ But please: Call me WB or Dub :D


Dave Reynolds

If you reeeeally wanna know, just ask. :p


Eileen Delgadillo

Harley's tale begins as one of seeming insanity. That might only be forgivable due to the fact that she was four years old at the time. That's right... Before she wanted to be an astronaut... Before she wanted to dig up dinosaurs and fossils as a paleontologist... She wanted to be a superhero. Kids are nutty, huh? Well, she quickly realized that wasn't happening and came to the conclusion that it'd probably be best to just read and watch their exploits. Several years later, she took a look at both at animation and comics as industries and said, "I want to be a part of that"... and she's been on that quest ever since. When not working on a multitude of other things, she enjoys watching any animation she can get her hands on, drawing, coloring, playing video games (Mostly RPGs and fighting games), digging up fossils, or heck, even reading a good comic book. While Eileen is an advocate of all things wacky and fun, she’s probably one of the more centered people you’ll meet. There’s a time and a place for everything, after all. In addition to having some training in traditional animation, she is also quite familiar with business centric environments. She has a background in executive level administration, network integration sales, project coordination, mediation and management. Eileen is fully capable of holding an entire serious conversation without breaking into giggle fits and marveling at the wonders of string. She simply prefers the giggle fits… and the string.



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